October 5, 2017
By Anonymous

The Bunny That Was More Than a Pet
Bun-Bun ran as fast a jet
His little cotton tail twitched as he flew through the air
The little black-white bunny was not a naïve pet
Yet sometimes he pushed the limits as far as he dare
One night he snuck out when no soul was awake
He jumped, he flipped, and he whooshed away in the air
Yet even he was unaware of his own potential
And as rose higher into the sky, he knew not what lay in wake
He zoomed above the clouds as the wet vapor drenched all his hair
And has he reached greater heights his rate of rise was exponential
But at last growing weary from his long trip
He headed back home to his little warm burrow
No longer did he want to be an airship
Bun-Bun slept like a log in his little furrow
As the clock ticked away

The author's comments:

Bun-Bun was my first pet and he was an amazing bunny.  So many things changed as I grew older and transitioned from elementary school to high school, but what did stayed the same was my good pet, Bun-Bun.  I miss you a lot Bun-Bun and I love you a lot and I'll never forget you.

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