The Color Salmon

October 5, 2017

Salmon is like the color of a little girl’s room
Salmon is soothing
Salmon is smooth
Salmon is like peaches hot best friend
Salmon is a genuine friend to the end
Salmon is the feeling of a restored soul to christ
Salmon is a warm fish on white rice
Salmon is the color of strawberry ice cream
Salmon will always be there when I feel nobody likes me
Salmon offers warmth on a cold night
Salmon is not too hot or cold but just right
Salmon is a warm sweet rose in spring
Salmon to femininity is everything
Salmon is all about Barbie
Salmon is the popular one at the party
Salmon is way nicer than hot pink
When in doubt salmon will think
Salmon doesn’t cry but lets everything go by
Salmon is the opposite sex of the daylight blue sky

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