November 4, 2017

Along with goals that spark and arise,
Dreams can be seen as impossible lies.
Reaching out to ignite that bellowing light,
Can sometimes feel like you’re lost at night.
Bringing positivity near and searching for hopes,
May lead to negativity to follow close.

Don’t let the darkness succeed in hunting you down,
Let yourself float to reach the water’s surface, not drown.
Stand with the brightness and let it guide you,
Because it hurts to think it is yourself that you are lying to.

You’re not lying to yourself, keep that in mind.
You aren’t two-faced and you shall find
That accepting you can do anything makes you far from blind.

When an obstacle gets in your way,
And all the things you hope for in life are in disarray,
You have to accept the truth:
Anything is possible if you take the right route.

It’s hard to avoid divots and holes filled with every broken dream,
But if you fall into one, you have to rely on yourself as your team.
You are your own rescue—you’re the rope pulling yourself out of that hole,
When you trust in yourself and jump into your role.

That role is being who you always wished to be,
Or doing whatever suits your cup of tea.
And if you think that the chamomile is out of reach,
Think again and open your eyes; let me preach.

Just because you can’t see the tea or find where it is,
Doesn’t mean you’ll never find it because life isn’t a one-time quiz.
No, you don’t get retakes,
Because it’s okay to make mistakes.
But giving up on your goals will keep you awake.

Don’t let regret infiltrate you when you discover your past beliefs were right.
It’s never too late to get up and fight.
Life is a boxing match full of surprises that catch you off guard.
Yet do the fighters give up easily even after the judges score against their card?
The answer is no, they don’t; they move on round after round.
So, play life like that game, although not till death rings does the bell sound.

We must learn to be as relentless as spiders,
That rebuild their webs every time they’re destroyed by outsiders.
So when things fall apart or get mutilated at some point,
Shoot your webs and start again—this is just one of life’s checkpoints.

Keep in mind that no matter how hard things get,
To never forget that it’s not the end of the world (at least not yet).
Your dreams are simply an arm’s reach away from the tips of your fingers,
Only if you work hard enough towards it as the positivity lingers.
Force it into your mind that it’s never too late.
You may not trust me, but you’ll see, just wait.
You’ll soon realize that overcoming obstacles to achieve your dreams is your fate.

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