November 3, 2017
By bracefacce BRONZE, Inglewood, California
bracefacce BRONZE, Inglewood, California
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Why,Why would you I trusted you. I really trusted you. Then you go behind my back and do it. What type of b.s. is that. We are supposed to be family. I knew you too long for you to change up on me. Like when you was crying who was there me or them right I was. When you was going threw things I was there nobody else was. You are going to people who are going to switched up on you. I'm not trippin no more. When they use you, switch up on you like you did me. Don't come to me crying. Do you know how it feels. It feels like I'm getting shot in my back by my own Best friend. You even met my sisters, my momma, and my family. You used me you really did. Im telling you now watch in the future watch i’m telling you watch i’m going to do something good in my life then you go try to come back into my life. No i don’t think so i’m not finna make another mistake. Once you leave me ain’t no coming back. You really left me for some people who don’t even care about you. You do you i’m go do me. I don’t need no negative stuff in my life. Either you go ride with me or not. I’m trying to improve but there is something you need to know they not go be there like i was for you they not go have your back like i had yours.

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