November 3, 2017
By bracefacce BRONZE, Inglewood, California
bracefacce BRONZE, Inglewood, California
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Love does it exist does it.I don’t know if it do or not. Does love at first sight even exist.Let me tell ya’ll about love L.O.V.E it’s a strong word but it depends on how you use it. The love i’m talking about is are you in love with him/her. Yea I use those words a couple of times and I regreat it. Once you tell somebody that you love them it fades away. If it don’t fade away that mean it’s a real bond and its unbreakable.Love and in love are two different  meanings.
Love is I love you and I don’t want to lose you and in love is i’m really into you and the only person I want is you.but now it’s hard to use it on anybody because they take it for ungranted and they can be so disrespectful.Love is one the number 1 like we are in this together.I think I found my answer love can be real but it can be fake also.Not every relationship is ETERNITY if you don’t know what ETERNITY mean it mean forever.Kajae told me it was forever but do you still see us together no.Just don’t rush things because you never know how the other person is feelings.I just want somebody to tell me what love is.

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