Down down down

March 27, 2009
that was the last sound i heard,
The sound of the water running passed my ears as i plunge deeper,
and down down down i go,
If i could sigh i would,
but it will be all over soon,
ill be where there are no reminders of life,
and down down down i sink,
I can feel the pressure at my chest,
the need for air getting worse,
but not to worry i was thorough,
tyeing my limbs and attaching a weight,
and down down down i float,
But my head spins,
my body thrashes,
but my mind is calm,
this is only a reaction to no air,
and down down down i thrash,
but why am i doing this,
because i am sad,
how could someone help me with my past,
but i need air and this is rash,
and down down down i drown,
My friends my family
my poor tired mom,
how could i do this to them,
at least i could have tried,
and down down down to death,
but its to late
i try to escape,
but the weight,
water pours into my lungs,
and down down down i choke,
id take it back,
to stay alive,
to see their faces with my eyes,
and i feel something wrap around me,
as the black spots stain my vision,
and up up up they pull,
but i can't hear,
i can't feel,
i can hardly see,
proving its to late,
and up up up they race,
My back hits something hard,
and my bindings fall lose,
and the water is beaten out,
and my eyes flutter,
and my mouth takes in air,
and back back back they carry me,
back to home.

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