Is it a Joke?

November 2, 2017
By SilverWolves BRONZE, Park City, Utah
SilverWolves BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Depression is no joke
The stress, it weighs you down
Something as simple and little as a poke
Can set you off and it sincerely hurts
The anxiety, the stress, the sadness, the loneliness
It all hurts.

The pain isn’t real, they say
It’ll go away, they say
Nothing will last forever, I pray
Tomorrow’s a new day
The loneliness, the last one to talk
The pain, the last one to walk

Therapy was supposed to help
It just made me even worse
I just told you what I felt
Why do you want me to repeat it again?
You’re not helping my problem
I want to leave
This is officially rock-bottom

All alone, lying on my bed
Thoughts drifting through my head
Homework, school, friends, family
It sits on me heavily
My heart is bleeding
I think it’s going to stop beating

Depression is the number one cause of suicide
Their life leaves their body in a pool of blood
Staring up at the ceiling all wide-eyed
My tears leave trails, we all cry

Depression is not a joke
Stop treating it like one
It leaves us all broke
Save your loved ones before they go

The author's comments:

This poem was almost a type of PSA for everyone. I want everyone to know about the effects of depression. Depression is a serious issue, and people need to know about the dangers. It kills people, and without help, it can take your loved ones away. It can be just as dangerous as a disease. Treat depression seriously. Don't joke about things such as this. 

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