The Girl In The Broken Mirror

October 27, 2017
By ericka._.ibarra BRONZE, Malakoff,tx, Texas
ericka._.ibarra BRONZE, Malakoff,tx, Texas
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She trudges around trying to think like everyone else
She goes around trying to be what in her eyes is “perfect”
She walks everyday trying to be like other people so that she will be accepted

  She is normal

They see her and see what they see in everyone
She walks the halls not knowing what people say
She feels judged,like she will never be good enough

She is the girl in the broken mirror

Her hands tremble as she sits in class and writes
Her body shakes
It feels like with every breath she takes, her breaths get shorter

It’s cold but not a normal cold--not a winter cold--her heart is cold

She is scared but has no feelings toward anything anymore
She thinks she is alone,kind of like a person lost in a forest with no way out
She let the weight of the world get to her and its like she dug herself a hole that just got bigger and shes too deep to get out

She is the girl in the broken mirror

She has been hurt
She has trust issues
She is insecure

She hates the person who hurt her because she loves them

She hates herself even more for loving someone who doesn’t care about her
This caused pain,and hatred to grow in her heart
She is the girl in the broken mirror

She sits in her room thinking of the one thing that might help

The little silver shiny blade
She is contemplating what to do with it
She does it

She cuts herself she sees the blood running down her arm it calms her

She wants to be done with everything
But she just cant do it, she cant let go
There is something holding her back, maybe the thought of hurting her loved ones or the thought of being gone forever

She is the girl in the broken mirror

He talks to her says he’s ok he hopes she believes he’d never hurt her
He says she didn’t hurt him he got over her thought she was fine
He never asked her if she was ok

She hurt everyday

She sits in silence replays every moment in her head
She cries
She has a breakdown,she feels a pain in her heart and starts bawling she lays on the ground and cries

She misses him
She wants to run into his arms but can’t because it’ll hurt even more
So she keeps it to herself once again letting more pain build up

I am the girl in the broken mirror



The author's comments:

this piece is really sad 

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