October 27, 2017
By Kalmer,Gary BRONZE, Smithfield, Rhode Island
Kalmer,Gary BRONZE, Smithfield, Rhode Island
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Insults, harsh criticism, and verbal abuse are all things that a person never wants to hear. Especially coming from family. However, these words can affect you for even the little things that you do. These words just make you feel plain awful, and sometimes even depressed. I believe that words that hurt you, help you.
    Ever since I started playing basketball competitively, my parents have criticized me for every little thing that I do wrong. I know that they mean good at the end of it all, but when they scream at me it is hard to see that. Most of the time they don’t even talk to me or want to see me for the rest of the day, maybe even week sometimes. This just makes me feel terrible, it makes me think that I am a failure and question why I’m still playing. Most of the time I contemplate quitting, but i know nothing good will come out of that.
    Being depressed like that never benefits a person. It makes them feel bad about who they are. Exercising helps me deal with this. Whenever something happens, I usually have some sort of practice or game after it. Being there with all my friends and teammates helps me forget about what is happening for a little while. Although they might not know what has happened to me, they help me in ways that make me feel good about myself.
    The words also motivate me as well. They make me push myself to be faster, become stronger, and work harder. While I drive myself to be better, I tell myself that I am not a failure in any way and that I am better than my parents think I am. When I get back from my practices, I can accept that what was said to me might be true, but I know that I can get better. I always have the words of the olympic motto in my head, “Swifter, Higher, Stronger.” I try to live by these words every day, and push myself harder than I ever have. When game day rolls around, I am ready.
    When I am playing on that court, it is like I am free. I can forget all that I am experiencing off the court and play the game I love. I know that so many people feel like this every day because their parents always yell or scream. I know that I am not the only one feeling this way. I know others have it worse than me, and I know that I will experience more of it. I just have to push through it and prosper.
When I get yelled at, it motivates me to do better. It might make me depressed and make me feel like a failure, but it motivates me to do better at everything I do. If I feel better about what happened, then I can play better. When you are in this situation, you have a lot of stress, and if you can learn how to ease that stress, then you can perform exceptionally. I know that if I take these words to heart, it can only hurt me more. However, if I use them to motivate me, then I will become better, faster, and stronger than I ever was before.

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