October 25, 2017

I’m happy because
The sun is shining
The sky is blue
The flowers are blooming
The air is warmer

I’m happy because
The ice cream’s sweet
The water’s refreshing
The hamburger’s are grilling
The watermelon’s fresh

I’m happy because
The sun’s bronzing my skin
The pool water cools me off
The tanning oil makes me shiny
The beach is full of people

I’m happy because
The air-conditioner cools me down
The bed keeps me comfy all day
The snacks are always around
The tv is constantly available

I’m happy because
There is no school
My friends are close
I can sleep in till noon
I get to vacation up north

I’m happy because
The bike rides
The boat trips
The traveling
The exploring

But most importantly, I’m happy because it’s summer!

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