My Time in New York

October 25, 2017
By marissa3034 BRONZE, Sterling Heights, Michigan
marissa3034 BRONZE, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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Bright lights
Big city
First time there
Amazed with what I see
So many things to do
The smell of fish and frying
all around me
Walking for what
Seemed forever
Wanting a cab
The big city was how I
Imagined it would be
People crowding
The streets
Many taxi’s and
Cabs honking their
Horns during
Rush hour
The subway
With musicians that played
A cool beat and
People with legs
Aching will waiting
The cars are crowded
Many stops along the way
The US Open
Where famous tennis players
Fight for the championship
For two weeks
Biggest tournament in
The country
Thousands of people
All around me
People cheering every point
Smell of pretzels and
High class food
Mets stadium across the

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