March 28, 2009
Shut your mouth!
We'll only need you a small while.
Once we take all we “need”,
We'll throw you aside,
A strangled weed.
Open the skies!
Let the night shatter through,
The sunshine’s lies…
The light, so untrue.
Calm yourself,
Send it away.
This is the darkness' realm.
No time to fool and play.
Straighten your back.
Roll your shoulders, arch your neck.
Pretend that your okay.
Don't cry,
I'll have none of that.
Throw your fear away,
You will end soon, maybe today.
Your fate:
So walk away.
Your so gullible,
My words, so false.
I hear your quickening pulse.
Forget all you fear.
Won't hurt a bit,
I dare you, shed a tear.
Shut your mouth.
I'll only need you a small while.
Stand up,
Let go.
It's time, you know.

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