March 28, 2009
Burnt up and destroyed
There was little left of what had been me
Sand in the wind
Ashes in the mantle
I was demoted into nothingness
My world was bleak
There was no light
Everything seemed totally meaningless
I dreaded waking up to face the day
And I dreaded sleeping in fear of the night
I was in a barren, gray place that I thought I’d never escape from
But slowly, miraculously, I did
Color came back, seeping through the cracks in the land
The sun showed its face again
Little by little
I stopped being afraid to live
My pessimism turned to optimism
Every day was a new day
Every night was a welcomed rest
The ashes were reformed and remodeled, no longer ashes at all
But a living fire in my eyes now
A desire to be something more than a crying rock
A desire to be something more than what I had been
I was brand new
What had been gray was now a vibrant array of light
Now, as I walk, I step on what was me…

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