Ardent Love

October 23, 2017
By Sedra Tanta SILVER, Damascus, Other
Sedra Tanta SILVER, Damascus, Other
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She is the night , and I am her light.
She is my lie , and I was her truth.

Her hair is like the night in its darkness , her slumbering eyes can tell a lot and a lot of stories.
She has a blackish side ; her ambiguity is strange .

I do not know if it is a love ?definitely I love her ! .
I think my heart agrees .
yes , I am in love with her .

How can I get her ? .
There is no way .
The way to her heart is closed .
What's her secret ? .
What is the secret in her eyes ?also her smile ?.
Does she belief in love or not ?.
Does she have a lover ? .
Many and many of answers that could be possible .

She makes me confused .
Shall I go and never look back or still fighting to get her love ?! .
It is so freaking bad conflict between the feelings and the ideas .

Yes, it is the romanticism which leads me to another world ; maybe it is the Utopia , but the reality wakes me up to confront the fact that she is not here , and that was just a dream .

This love hurts me the most , without doing anything toward this love or at least telling her about this hidden love in the depth of my heart .

At some point , I stop and think that can I save this love in my heart .
Acutally I do not think so .
Her love is unrequited .
I do not think that I can keep it , I can not save it anymore .

"Sorry for you girl , sorry for my love which is wasted , sorry beacuse I couldn't save it , sorry for everything ." saying these words internal in my self .

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