March 27, 2009
By ActuallyMimi BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
ActuallyMimi BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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"It's not the end yet, let's stay with it." - Fortune Cookie.

Rip my heart out why don't you
I thought i was strong enought to get over this--
And I am, I will be, but it's not easy
I see the way she looks at you
And even though you don't look back the same way,
You will
Because SHE loves you
More than her own life
And I don't love you quite the same way--
And I'm trying not to
Trying to finalize my descision,
To let her have this slice of happiness--
The one I want tooo
The one i would take in an instant--
If it were mine to take
So I'll sit on the sidelines
And try to act like it doesn't bother me
But just know it does

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