My One Desire

March 27, 2009
By Anonymous

The talk and their words
Spreads like a fire
To not burn away
Is my one desire

I’m stuck in this mind frame
This illness of heart
As every lie scorches
I’m alone with my art

They say things they don’t mean
And the fire grows higher
To not burn away
Is my one desire

I scream and I cry
And I hide in the night
The mirror it shatters
It can’t stand the might

Why do I hate them
And the fire is dire
My flesh is burning
It’s my one desire

And they way that they talk
So deceptive and fooling
I hate when they smile
As if it’s a ruling

I know that I love them
So I only grow tired
This wretched fire
I no longer desire

Fires do not last
They soon turn to dust
As if everything will
And everything must

It’s my one desire
To get out of this game
It’s my one desire
To face the pain

The author's comments:
This poem was written directly after I felt betrayed by someone.

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