The Day That The Birds Stopped Singing

October 20, 2017

From all around the crowd

The laughter seems to go around

As the music went on repeat

Disaster came with a deadly treat


Out from the back a big boom appears

And screams then fill that laughing place

That big boom made some disappear

As some of them fell on their face


The day that the birds stopped singing

It felt like the world stopped spinning

Left with a lot of confusion

Many lay on the pavement frozen


What started as a fun event

Turned into a scary bet

When Ariana left the stage

Many went right to their graves


Why did they have to take them?

And rob them of a happy ending?

Awful people do awful things

But we will not forsake their names


I guess now weknow for sure

When death comes knocking on our door

A day that was meant for thanksgiving

Turned to the day the birds stopped singing

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