You On My Mind

March 27, 2009
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The words are mixed up in my mind.
It's hard to try and write them all down
it's all the things I want to say to you...
all the different ways to tell you
I don't understand!
My heart starts to sink to my feet
and I think back to the good old days,
when we were young and so innocent,
how we sat on the curb and joked about everything.

In the spring time
little flowers blossomed here and there
in my front yard.
Blue jays and cardinals are found
every once in a while on the wooden fences.
Trees with rich green leaves
on the limbs of the branchs.
Everything about spring calls to me again.

And the summer's hot air
and its blistering rays.
I smile at those days.

The leaves are turning red and brown.
We pass by "our" duck pond again
and we smile at everything.

I look back at the winter days,
ones that are completely free of snow,
and how many times you got me in trouble,
and when I locked myself out of my house
with only a cell phone and a house phone,
we sat on the bench in front of my house,
we shivered together in the cold winter air,
and we watched our breaths
leave our lips
in clouds of white.

My heart is now trying
to digest this news
but it's growing sick.
If I could it'd be like those days,
ones where I'm not miles away,
the ones where you weren't an alcoholic,
the ones I'd love to go back to.
And my heart misses you
more than my lips can say to you...
And hearing the words
"I use to get drunk every night"
makes my stomach knot up
and my heart feel tight.

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:PBUBBLES:P said...
Apr. 7, 2009 at 12:36 am
Love it!!
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