The Loss of War

March 27, 2009
By Lori Rios BRONZE, Fort Drum, New York
Lori Rios BRONZE, Fort Drum, New York
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Soldiers, Wars, Death, And Destruction
Wherever that was leaves an obstruction
Boom, Blaow, Tick, Click
No matter who you are you might be picked

The battlefield is as loud as thunder
So many people that you hear going under
The people on the battlefield seem so fearful
Yet at home it seems so nice and peaceful

But what happens when the peace dies
and a stone now says here they lie
What do you think happened to that soldier
Who do you think will be there to hold her

It's hard for a family to talk bout their loss
When they know that someone is about to cross
Some wish to take back what they said
To someone who is already dead

Some wish to turn back time
So that they can give themselves another sign
A sign of death and destruction
So that they have time for some reconstruction

But how would you feel for one's loss
Especially if it was your friend who crossed
But how would you feel about the war
Would think it's just another encore

So be careful what you say
Because maybe someday you will pay
Pay a price that just isn't right
That you might go into that violent night

So cherish what you have and love
Because someday you might see that One above.

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