Raised by Mom

October 19, 2017
By LovelyRis BRONZE, Martinsburg, West Virginia
LovelyRis BRONZE, Martinsburg, West Virginia
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 I was raised by 

quiet around others

but loud and talkative at home 

"This is what happened at work " 

Kind of mom. 

The aroma of freshly

baked macaroni and cheese and roasted honey ham 

every Thanksgiving and Christmas 

"Watch me here cook and you'll learn " 

Type of mom. 

Watching movies 

in the living room

hearing her explain 

her favorite shows

" Wanna watch this? " or " Oh, this looks interesting!" 

Sorta mom

Saving money

for "just incase" causes

Spend less on wants and more 

on what you need 

"Save that money up

instead of splurging" 

Kind of mom

You're beautiful 

the way you are 

You remind me of a cute Cabbage Patch doll  

" Aww, let me take a picture of you" 

Kind of mom 

Never depend on no man 

Worry about boys later

Find yourself first 

" Boys wil only get you into trouble" 

Type of mom 

I want to see you grow, succeed 

do even better then me

I'll be always proud of you 

Make the wisest decisions you can 

" I believe you can do something in life " 

Sorta mom 

I was raised by Mom 

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