my day

October 19, 2017
By Anonymous

Every nice snuggly Morning in my bed at 6:00am I hear an annoying alarm clock that wakes me up for school and it won't shut up until I get out of bet and turn it off, it sounds like a tornado siren. Some mornings it's so cold I wake up shivering so I really don't even want to get out of bed and turn it off and it sucks because I have to, I just want to stay cuddled up in my big cozy blanket. Once I finally get up and turn the tornado siren off I usually take a shower and go back to my room and look for clothes to wear. On mondays it's sort of easy because it’s a lazy day so I just throw on a sweatshirt and some basketball shorts. But for the rest of the week I hate looking for clothes because the rest aren't really lazy days or at least I try not to make them be. So this means I gotta look for good outfits that match and all of that stuff and i’m still really tired and not putting effort into it because I just want to go back to sleep so honestly I never really know what to wear. After i’ve finally found clothes to wear I get dressed and I make my way back up the stairs and look for some breakfast which I also hate looking for because i’m still really tired so I don't really have the energy to make anything quite yet. Also everything takes to long to make even toast feels like a decade has passed after it pops out of the toaster. So this means I never usually eat breakfast unless my mother has made some for me. After I eat I do my hair and sometimes it’s frustrating because it don't look the way I want it to and then it turns into a bad hair day. After I finally get my hair to look how I want it to or at least halfway decent I brush my teeth then i'm finally ready. I tell my mom i’m ready then we walk out the door and get in the car. Some mornings she doesn't start the car so it’s freezing. I then finally arrive to school and then i have to wait at the door because I never got my school id back to get into the school. After that I get on the bus to go to cacc and then I go through the 3 hours at cacc then come back to the school and continue my school day with the rest of my classes. At 2:30 the bell rings and that means it’s time to go home. I go to my locker to get my stuff and then I go outside and wait for the busses and then go home. When I get home I usually eat some snacks and then get on youtube or netflix and watch stuff and then I eventually fall asleep and wake up way later around like 7 and then i gotta rush to do my homework and then I eat some dinner that my mom usually makes everyday and then I go back to my room and watch more videos and go to sleep and then wake up the next morning for school.

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my day

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