You Threw the First Rock

March 27, 2009
By Shelby Critel SILVER, Ravenna, Nebraska
Shelby Critel SILVER, Ravenna, Nebraska
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Why throw rocks at a bird
Flying high in the sky
Is it wrong to need to be loved?
Will you ever understand how to fly?
Is it the color of its wings that soar?
Once petted and cared for now broken
Falling from the air it breathes
Trust, for this sunset is no longer a token
Deceit picks up a silenced tongue
But you will never be in its heart to stay
If a bird could cry there would be tears
But there is none so forever it flies away
Hoping for a chase of a caring heart
But the absence of flapping tells all
A solo flight in hopes of comradery
There never is any, no matter where the rocks fall
Another day another sunset
Singing to a song in the thought of flight
No longer will your throwing hands be needed
Give up, fly away, a bird does not need to fight

The author's comments:
Friendship can be amazing, but doesn't always last forever.

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