Why Can't I Let Go?

March 27, 2009
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I know I should just walk away
I get that
I mean, you’ve made yourself extremely clear
Almost as clear as I have

But I can’t quite make myself turn around
Can’t quite tear my eyes off of yours

I know it’s futile
But I can’t help gazing after you as you walk away
And feeling my face flush
As I grab your hand
And try to make our conversation last longer

So I hope against hope
And try to find some spark of possibility
Something to grab onto
In your eyes

But I’m blinded by the rose-colored glasses that I wear
Even as the coating slowly starts to peel off

I take them off of my own accord
Just so I can see your eyes more clearly
Even as they turn away from me

Because they are beautiful
So beautiful

And they are the reason
That I can’t turn away
Can’t stop wishing, hoping, dreaming
Even though I know nothing will come of it

Still I hold on
Hold on to your eyes
When I should be
Letting go

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