Bittersweet Vision

March 27, 2009
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Your hand warm
on mine as we
sit under a cool canopy of
green dripping
splish-splash pieces of
sky on our upturned
faces my head on your
chest breathing you in like
a foreign spice that fills me
up you are all I
want need covet as your
smile pierces the clouds and
makes the drops of sky sparkle like so many
tiny crystals shining in your deep dark
laughing eyes that stare at me and only
me your arm like an impenetrable iron wall even as it
softly caresses my arm and brushes
down my spine making me jump like you
want me to nearly knocking you over while you
hold me back as I fight you laughing
in my face and me trying not to laugh and lose
all my strength even as you pin me down and
touch your nose to mine extinguishing ever
thought but those of you and your eyes and
your mischievous smile intoxicating me even as
I remember that you’re not
mine and I can never
have you

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