March 27, 2009
By _cgirl921 PLATINUM, Littleton, Colorado
_cgirl921 PLATINUM, Littleton, Colorado
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I’m such a dreamer
I used to love that about myself
I still do, sometimes

But my starry eyes
Lost in the heavens
Are also my biggest weakness

Nothing can compare
To the colors, adventures, music, romance, magic
Found in my mind

So reality becomes dull and colorless
And I have to work hard
Not to get lost
In my own head

So I try to focus
On the black-and-white-and-gray real world

Like a tempter in the night
The clear
Vivid pool of dreams
Reels me back in

And I can’t resist him
Full of darkness
And secrets
And mysteries to unlock

I let him fold his arms around me
And I close my eyes
Feeling the dark magic and seduction
Tingle up my spine

Though I don’t want to
I put my pen to the paper
Spilling him out on the page
Half-heartedly trying to fed him off

But I don’t succeed
Far from it
My writing gives him life
Breath that puts goosebumps on my neck

I write feverishly
No longer trying to hold him off
He envelops me again
And this time, I don’t fight

Someone knocks on the glass barrier
Between me and the real world

I ignore the quiet noise
Barely an irritation in my subconscious

And I take the tempter’s cold, pale hand
And see as he smiles at me with dark longing
His cool mouth is hungry on mine
And mine on his
As he fills my whole world with
Impossibility manifest

And I close my eyes again
And surrender to him

I am lost in my own dreams

And I

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