Ode to Stars

March 27, 2009
By Ellen White BRONZE, Ft Mitchell, Kentucky
Ellen White BRONZE, Ft Mitchell, Kentucky
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I first noticed you,
I mean really noticed you,
On that night.
Grass tickled my back,
Scents of sunscreen still lingered in the July air,
Wind rustled the tress above,
Which led my eyes to you.

O stars!
Jewels in the night sky
Displaying haven’s greatest treasure.
Brilliant dancers twinkling
In a mysterious black abyss.

You are always there,
Never let me down.
God’s own magic tricks,
Sent into the sky to remind us of
Simple beauty.

You are so common yet so unreachable:
Stars, stars, everywhere,
Nor any one to touch.

You dip delicious drops from the Milk Way,
Offer a place for Cassiopeia to rest,
And keep quarreling Leo and Orion safely apart.

You are the eighth wonder of the world,
You fill countless pockets
While being saved for rainy days.
When I look at you,
I don’t even have to wish upon a star
To make my dreams come true.

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