March 27, 2009
My life seems like if is a storm of tornados;
and it is taking everything in as it passes

My heart still burns for you like a dying ember of a fire
under piles of ash and that won't be put out by any amount of water

My head tells me to ignore the constant tapping of our memories at my heart
but my gut wants to allow it

How i ponder what we were;
How hesitant am i on my feelings and thoughts;
Do i tell you everything inside me that i am keeping locked away

I do not sleep because of the tapping i hear at night,
because its you i see when i close my eyes,
like you are engraved into my soul, body and mind

I hear your voice in my head;
faintly, contantly, as if you are whispering softly in my ear

As much as i want to let you go;
have nepthane to keep me forever away

You will always be the dying ember buried under ashes;
gut wrenching; mind boggling; thoughts swirling as if in a tornado;
part of my life

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