Where I Come From

October 17, 2017
By SenaBena BRONZE, Rochester Hills , Michigan
SenaBena BRONZE, Rochester Hills , Michigan
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I Come from a place where people are
A place where everyone believes what others say
Yet this place is dark,
Very dark
People try and cover this darkness
With smiles
I come from a place
With new technology
Everyday where
No one talks without going on their phone.
Where people hide and don’t express themselves
You can’t express yourself
Without getting judged
What is this place?
It's scary
I come from a place
With few real people
A place with hurt and
Pain and only a few understand
It’s a shame when no one believes you
Happiness...some people don’t know
or understand what that means
I come from my parents…
Who i love but am disappointed in
I come from strength
That i’ve learned over time
I come from positivity
Where I always think on the
Brighter side
I don’t always like where I come from
But this is where I come from

The author's comments:

At this point in my life I realized who was there for me and what life was really about. In english class I just wrote whatever came to me, and this day was rough, but I shared my thoughts on my paper and let go of whatever was making me upset. Let me just tell you it helps a lot : )

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