The Magic Hour:

March 27, 2009
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They call it the ‘magic hour’
between 4 and 5:30am
the time when everything
seems still

I wonder if the sun will rise
or if this glow will last forever
peace is on this land
and hope makes the leaves turn green

It seems as if angels have descended upon this field
So full of light and mysteries
It’s the time when the devil’s work is done
And everything can only get better from here

I wonder if the birds will rise
Or if this happiness will last forever
faith is on this land
and love makes the leaves turn green

spring time, so much movement
summer time, so much heat
fall time, so much changing
winter time, so still

Now I wonder if the stars will rise tomorrow
Or if this magic will come again
joy is on this land
and smiles make the leaves turn green

Now I wonder if trees will rise to the sun
Or if my mind will be as clear
I live on this land
And care makes the leaves turn green

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