Seduced by the queen of Paradise

March 27, 2009
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Was it worth it
Six days its been
Six days of living with torment
Six days...when will they fade away
I thought this is what i wanted
I thought this was my solution
I was so very wrong
My life was something valuable
But nothing with out her
She was my life, my everything
When she perished, she did not just take her soul
She took the other half of me
The most important part of me
She took my joy, my heart...
My Love
Suicide seemed like the answer
The cold steel of the blade eased everything
My neck was bare to the blade
Oh how good it felt, a sense of ecstasy
How easily it ripped my flesh
How easily it cut through my neck
Like cutting through a thin plastic
I fell onto the floor, into my paradise
Where my cries can be heard
Where my words are translated as punishment
Where my blood is diluted gold
Where my suicide is justified
Where i can cry, and be soothed
Where i am something
Where i can become complete again
Oh! There she is
I can see her, oh how she glows in the flames
The flames erupt all around her
But her beautiful body is not harmed
Her body is consumed in the flames
But she is not harmed
It now makes sense of how she seduced me
Of how she was so beautiful
It all makes sense now
She is no woman, but a queen in paradise
No going back now
Was it worth it...

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