Fighting Spirit

March 27, 2009
Broken and betrayed, I feel alone
On my face, the stress is shown
Cracked and weary is my spirit
This was a major blow to it
After all the good times we had shared
And all the times I truly believed you had cared
I now sit in anguish
Closing my eyes hoping for one last wish
A wish in which everything would once again be okay
A picture perfect day
But as my eyes open once more
I realize I must face this pain I can no longer ignore
I let the tears fall freely
Contemplating if our destruction was because of me
Once we had been the ideal couple, happily and blissfully in love
But when push came to shove
You turned your back and deserted me
You destroyed me
And couldn’t even own up to the truth
You took away the last fragment of innocence left of my youth
With the constant arrogance you always had
You commented that I couldn’t forever stay mad
I would come running back, you said
You must not have been thinking clearly with your head
For drained I may be, weary to the depth of my soul
I still have my fighting spark and I never was one to be controlled
So take your loving words and midnight rendezvous
Take your warm embrace and whispered I love you
I am stronger than you shall ever be
You shall never shatter me

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