October 14, 2017
By alyssa0401 PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
alyssa0401 PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
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"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."

So I guess this is goodbye.

I gaze into your eyes,

Your kaleidoscopic blue eyes,

Your still beautiful eyes

Despite the tears dripping from them.

Or perhaps I just can’t see very well,

For these droplets of anguish

Are blocking my



Oh, the visions I once had

But are no more.

They always consisted of you and me

Holding hands,


But I have learned from you

That forever does not



That’s all we were doing.

We were existing, not living.

”Carpe diem,” you said.

”Seize the day,” you said.

If this was true,

Then why was there never a time

When I didn’t dream of



A night sky canvas

With no stars splatter painted on it.

Our memories were fading

Into nothingness.

You claimed that you saw

Brilliant colors,

But maybe this was just the

Bleeding of our



Is it predecided,

Or does every decision we make

Impact it?

You promised me you would be in my future.

But this could not happen.

You’re about to leave me.

When will you come back?

The answer to that is



You said,

”I’ll never leave you.”

You said,

”I’ll never let you go.”

But these words

Held no meaning to you,

And only added to the mountain

Of unfulfilled promises.

Words were spewed from your lips

Like they were



Without you,

Life will hold no value.

But you always brought me agony,

Made me question my value.

Yet, I still love you.

What will I do without

Your smile of sunshine?

Or those eyes,

Oh, your eyes.

I wish I could tell this to you.

However, it is too late.

You are already out the door.

So I guess this is



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