Barbed Wire Kisses

March 27, 2009
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Barbed wire kisses
Ripping apart our love
Screams of hatred
Filling the air in between
Two shatter unrepairable
Filthy things
Breaking apart and drifting away
Why are there so many things
We didn't say?
Walk along the path
Stop by your front door
You live alone
No need to be afraid
Ring the bell
Is it to late?
But there's no one there
Try the door
Open it and just stare
The floor is covered with you life
It's dripping through the air
Can't stifle the cry
Can't stop the tears
Wrists turned to ribbons
Now there's no point
Left for my living
Find the knife
The one that's sharpest and no longer shines
The one that took your life
And therefore mine

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