The Life Of Secret Depression

October 16, 2017
By TheOddFlower GOLD, Barnstead, New Hampshire
TheOddFlower GOLD, Barnstead, New Hampshire
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Her hair is brunette

Her skin is pale beige

Her eyes are deep hazel

Her family is splitting

Her father is gone

Her mother is ignorant 

Her sister is immature

Her eldest brother is dead

Her younger brother is quiet

Her friends are leaving

Her bestfriends are bullying

Her grades are slipping

Her teachers are blind

Her classmates are feeble-minded

Her house is cold

Her room is dark

Her mind is blank

Her soul is black

Her heart is pure

Her life is breaking

Her world is cracking

Her spirit is dying

Her presence is longing

Her longing is fading

Her desire is gone

Her passion is covered

Her fire is blown-out

The author's comments:

This piece is acting as an emotional drain for things I am yet to express to people. This is a story of my emotional life. I publish in hopes that you will see it, discover it, and allow it to open your eyes about the strain that is happening, most likely to someone in your life. 

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