13 Ways of Looking at Him

October 16, 2017
Searching throughout the crowd,
The only thing that caught my eye
Was him.

If he was a tornado
Then I was his victim,
Sucked in by his irresistible lust.

The ways he struts with such confidence,
My heart skipped a beat.

The mind and the heart
Are one.
The mind, the heart, and fate
Are one.

I do not know what I love more,
The allurement of his intelligence
Or the bravery in his heart.
The way his soft lips touch mine,
Or just after.

The picture on my nightstand
Blocks out everything else.
My mind flutters,
Thoughts go to and fro.
The pain,
Lined with barbed wire,
Broken away with light.

Oh, you naïve women
Why do you imagine men without flaw,
When the perfectly imperfect man
Is in plain sight,
Standing right in front of you?

I know time will pass
No matter what.
But I know, too,
That when I'm with him
Time stops.

When his mouth opened and whispered,
"I love you"
That's when I knew I was in trouble.

At the sight of him,
And his carefree self,
Even the blind could see
Just how magnificent he was.

A snowy December day,
Everyone rushing to find warmth.
Bumping into a blurred figure,
My heart fluttered
At the thought that it was him.
I was deceived.

My heart beat speeds up.
He must be thinking of me.

It was bright all evening.
The sun was shining,
And it was going to shine.
And that's when I knew,
He was my forever.

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