October 16, 2017
By SamCloyd BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
SamCloyd BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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In 6th grade I started to appreciate money because my parent say you need to work for your money and you can get get things you want for your Birthday or Christmas if you earn it. People had phones new phones that I always wanted. all the stuff that I have costs a lot of money.

I appreciate money because money gets me everywhere. I don’t like spending money to buy as much because I need to pay for it myself and I can’t buy anything if I run out of money.  I also appreciate money because money doesn't grow on trees I can do my own things and I don’t need to work for it.

I appreciate food because I need to eat which also comes with money. I appreciate my parents because I eat a lot of food and I could never pay for the food that I eat. My parents buy me a lot of protein foods like steak, beef, chicken, and after practice, I eat as much ice cream as Gorilla.
My favorite ice cream place is YoFresh and I get cookies and cream mixed with cake batter. I’m so hungry after practice I can eat myself.

I think people should have more appreciation for things that people buy for you and respect them for that. Because a little appreciation and respect goes a long way. In 6th grade I wasn’t as appreciative because now that i’m older I need to treat stuff good and use money wisely.

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