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October 16, 2017
By Griffindorfin BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Griffindorfin BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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The sound of pegs grinding
The sound of the tire hitting the coping
The sound of the tires buckling down on the ramp
These sounds make me feel at home
No matter where i am

Where i’m from
I’m a normal teenager
with a simple life
from a simple town
But with a unique dream

The creativity that flows in my mind
When i connect with my bike is unbelieveable
The average person won’t think
quite like us
Or understand what drives us to ride on architecture
That’s not meant to be rode

Ideas are endless in the mind of a rider
You can go back to the same spot
culminate a new line
That are being wrote into the spot
Bmx is art
It takes a certain mindset to collaborate tricks with other tricks
Not the average everyday 9-5 worker would have the creativity to do so
The world is my office
And my mind is my boss
I am free to do what i want and im not confined in a cubical

Everyday 9-5 workers struggle to embrace creativity
From being confined to a 6x6 square
They follow the average conformity of society
But in my office the only struggle i face is the police
I have one thing controlling me and that’s my mind
I battle against the uncertainty of a trick within the crypt of my head
But after getting through you feel so euphoric
Not every average worker is faced with something that scares them everyday
In my world it's hard not to
Because the feeling is addictive

The author's comments:

i wrote this because im passonate about bmx, ive been riding bmx for 3 years now and i can tell you if people arent involved with action sports or dont like action sports they will descriminate you and say youre a bad person. but really we arent bad people and we arent trying to damage property we're just making art, and art is everywhere in the world but not many people notice it unless youre like me.

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