to be happy.

October 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Happiness can be found anywhere. It is hiding.
In your closet, under your bed, or even with a friend.
Happiness is a thing that can never run out. It’s always there,
even if you can’t see or feel it’s presence.
It’s eternal, like the breeze and clouds in the sky.

Happiness is like a rocky relationship.
You have to get to know it at first to become comfortable with it.
Once this happens, you start to love having it around.
Then something peculiar happens in that relationship
that sets you apart from it. You start to feel as if it’s not even there anymore.
Two different roads begin to appear in front of you.
You can take the road that leads you back
to that rocky relationship,
take the road that leads you
to a better person.

To find yourself again.

To find your happiness.

You decide to accept this “happiness” and try to become a better person.
Over the weeks you come to find who you are,
what you like, who you like to be with, what you want to cut out of your life.
You complete the task of getting over the toxic that used to exist
and you can feel that internal meter rising and rising to become full.
More and more time passes and you finally have a realization:
you have found your happiness.
You are now best friends with Mr. Happiness.
They make you the best version of you.
They bring out the person you have been hiding under the covers.
This lovely feeling has made it’s appearance and here to say.
The best part of Mr. Happiness is that they can be in any person.
The shy, quiet girl sitting next to you in math.
The man next to you on the train.
Or your closest friend, sitting next to you typing poems in a computer lab.
Happiness can be found in any way, shape, form, and person.
It takes a little looking, but it can be found
with a little determination
and hope.

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