Whining (Beat poem)

October 12, 2017
By Yitan Chen BRONZE, Hangzhou, Other
Yitan Chen BRONZE, Hangzhou, Other
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I was told to be obedient since I was born

Never spend too much time on eye

Go to bed before ten chimes and get up at six

So that later you can earn yourself the bread


I wanted to be a football player when six

Daddy told me I was wrong

You would never succeed that way, my apple boy

Work hard and try to be a lawyer


I keep secrets to myself since then

I long for falling in love with queen in the school

Turning on till the world ends

But they’ll know none of these


Life rolls on and I behave well

As the way it has been planned

They say they’re proud of me

I feel ashamed for myself


Standing in the center of the city

Feeling like sinking in an ocean

All that floundering makes no difference I give in like I never tried

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