October 11, 2017
By madison09 BRONZE, St.peters, Missouri
madison09 BRONZE, St.peters, Missouri
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As you pick away the skin from my trembling bones, what do you see?
Do you see that innocent little girl that i once was?
Do you see the long nights watching movies with my dad?
Or do you see the popular girl?
The weird kid?
The nerds?
The outcasts?
Or the sporty guys?
Do you see now, that we are not all the same?
I see you.
I see how you look at me in the school halls.
You judge me without even knowing my name.
You call me a sl*t for what i wear.
You call me a b**** for speaking my mind.
How dare you call me these things?
How dare you judge me when you have flaws too.
I see you.
I see how you break me down into what you hate the most.
But if you keep picking away the skin on my trembling bones, what do you see?
The crisp white bones.
The warm pink flesh.
Do you see now?
That maybe we are all the same.

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