Adventures in Geekdom

March 26, 2009
By altindiegirl GOLD, Cedar Park, Texas
altindiegirl GOLD, Cedar Park, Texas
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I once dreamed that I was Princess Leia.

Bedecked in a cinnamon-bun
hair-do, taunting Han Solo
with quick-witted one-liners.

Wouldn’t that be the cat’s

I once had a Weezer lunch-box.

Stocked full of school lunch
essentials. Peanut-butter jelly sandwich,
and chocolate-chip cookies too.

Isn’t that a sign of unabashed

I once went by the moniker of altindiegirl.

Maybe I thought it was cool?
Now it just brings guffaws
of hearty laughter and derisive comments.

Well…maybe it was cool…

I once had a Kurt Cobain poster.

Hanging above my bed,
staring down at me with the eyes
of a heroin-chic god.

Too bad life has to descend into a pit
of undiluted pathos.

I will always be a nerd.

Looking out at the world
in plastic-rimmed glasses, relishing
in my own goofiness.

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