March 26, 2009
By breezyy122107 BRONZE, Wanamassa, New Jersey
breezyy122107 BRONZE, Wanamassa, New Jersey
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After all the heartache you put me through..I can honestly say that im over you.
Over all the times you lied,and over all the times I cried.
You said you loved me and I said I loved you,but I know you werent being true.
True to your heart and true to mine and now I know without you in my life,
I am doing just fine.
I thought we were meant to be,but I guess I was living in a fanstasy.
Your just another memory fading in history.
I thought we were going to last,but I guess I was thinking to fast.
But now Im pushing you to my past,
And now I see we werent meant to be and everything happens for a reason
but now I know deep in my heart you werent meant for me from the start.

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