Infinite Battle

March 26, 2009
By Anna Massefski BRONZE, Sharon, Massachusetts
Anna Massefski BRONZE, Sharon, Massachusetts
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The sun is fresh on that hateful horizon,
But rising higher into sorrow.
The sky lights up with no escape,
But I hope for a better tomorrow.

Day after day the load comes nonstop,
Crushing happiness, smothering hope.
The pressure of overwork,
With it no one can cope.

We live in a hole,
Falling to the bottom of time.
We struggle for leverage,
A reason, a rhyme.

Our existence is futile,
Accompanied by an endless battle of wills.
We fight off mountains,
They populate infinite hills.

The sun rises to its high-point,
Then starts to fall once more.
Another thing we are alien with,
Having no time to watch it soar.

They seek to control,
All that which exists.
Which moves, which mumbles;
All of us in endless lists.

Their nature is brutal,
Vicious and cruel.
Teachers control and contain kids,
With infinite hours of school.

The author's comments:
This was written by a student who spends 12 hours of her day in school (including the bus), then gets home with a load of homework.

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