Not As Cold As Me

March 26, 2009
By Nick Schamper BRONZE, Clinton, Tennessee
Nick Schamper BRONZE, Clinton, Tennessee
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Stinging defiance
cold and brash
I will overcast as though
"when god said: 'let there be light'
I turned it off"
because it pleases me
you cannot stop me
I am inevitable
my heart is freezing,
just like Dante's concept of hell
You'll stay inside and hide away from me
or my frostbite will kill you, and
leave you for the future to unravel
I killed mighty mammoths
and caused hardened men to follow
My day has already come,
but it'll be here again soon.
Nuclear holocaust
I'll get you in the end
When your heart's light goes out, and
your body is freezing.
You'll give up
when you realize that
I'm Cold.Dark
There's no chance for escape.
My name is Winter,
you'll know me too soon.

The author's comments:
The quotation is taken from Hip Hop artist Immortal Technique.

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