Heartbreak and Love

March 26, 2009
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I've come to the realization that time is wasting in this world but the world isn't wasting in this time. I think that heartbreak is only as great as the love that caused it and reconciliation is a feat that comes much harder than one might realize. As just another heart trapped hopelessly in this world we call love I've seen the many different forms heartbreak takes. Sometimes this monster hits us when we had no idea it's sly malignant form was anywhere lurking near us but it has no mercy. Sometimes you see it coming like a smoking black locomotive and you've been tied down so tightly to the track as it methodically rages on. But in any cases it may hurt and reconciliation is sometimes out of reach but more often than not right within your grasp. And it may be hard to forgive the train that so concioisly and unforgivingly destroyed what ever ability you ever had to make yourself vulnerable, but sometimes it is just nececarry to let go of whatever
resentment you cold lifeless hands were holding on too so you can one day love and hopefully not get buried by it again. But this world doesn't wait for time
Time takes too long to come and once it has, heartbreak has already ran it's course and moved on to it's next victim. So instead of having a sense of time I just know what is forever. Love. And forever with that love is barely enough. But it'll do.

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