The Sport of Golf

October 4, 2017
By Anonymous

Getting up at the crack of dawn.
Smelling the fresh dew,
Feeling the soft cut lawn.
Putting on all of your gear too,
Knowing what's to come is on you.
This is golf.

Watching the ball fly in the air.
Piercing the fresh cut grass.
Hitting slightly to the right,
You watch as the ball takes flight.
Crouching down to see the green,
And hearing the sound of a “ping!”
This is golf.

Laughing and playing music.
Trying to keep the mood light,
Swinging and putting all day long.
Messing up the perfect grass,
And losing golf balls by the mass.
This is golf.

Chipping carefully to get it right,
But the game golf always puts up a fight.
Your putts fall slowly,
Down the slopes of the green,
You hope and pray that it goes in.
This is golf.

No person is perfect.
Perfection does not exist,
You try your very best,
And the game puts you to the test.
You may succeed but you may also fail,
Anyday can this entail.
This is golf.

You get the feeling of success,
But you might also get a bit depressed.
For golf is a difficult sport, no one can master.
Not even the best pro,
And this, every golfer has to know
Yes, this is the sport of golf.

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