I Am

October 4, 2017
By CK2_313 BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
CK2_313 BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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I am intelligent
I am athletic
I am determined
I am ambitious
I am always putting God first
I am a Christian
I am Black
I am a dog lover
I am always playing basketball or running track
I am aware that racism still exists today
I am patient
I am confident
I am a hard worker
I am a future pro athlete/ engineer
I am aware of the racial injustices in the U.S. today
I am a leader
I am always striving to do my best
I am trying to go to a D1 college
I am always perfecting my craft
I am striving to end racial divide

The author's comments:

The two writers devices I used were repetition  and foreshadowing. This poem is a litany poem. I used repetition by saying I am before every line. I used foreshadowing by stating what I am planning to do in the future and how all of my traits add up to this goal.
Since this is a litany poem, I used repetition on the start of every line. The start of the line is I am. After I would put I am, I would then state what specific traits I have or things that I do.
From then on, writing 20 lines was pretty simple.
Right now, I would consider myself a poet. From the beginning of the year, we have been doing poems. Every poem that I have done, I have seen myself improve. My favorite type of poems are rhyming poems and litany poems.

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