Broken Feathers And Stiff Wings But Still I Can Fly

October 3, 2017

BROKEN- it seemed like I was + Maybe I am
FEATHERS- I wish I did have, to Push Out the Coldness
AND-I did Jump Away but Life always put me back on the Right Road
STIFF- I was to Love Them, even when the BIBLE says Yes
WINGS- a Wish as well; to Hold the Wind beneath them, Something to take me Far
BUT- I never knew to Draw to Mend myself, or Write to give me Peace
STILL- Memories to look at, to Scare me, to Interrupt My Stride
I- Feel a lil’ tingle of Hatred, + Wonder if it’ll All Go Away
CAN- Feel new Monsters, Aching to be Free + Change me again
FLY- I knew that never worked but I still did…...
BROKEN-Key Word: WAS, now just a lil’ Cracked
FEATHERS-made me so Quiet + Distant from the things “She” Loved
AND-Life put me Back, No Matter the Situation/Condition, to Prove I can Deal with Reality
STIFF-to Love “them” but JESUS says Yes so…
WINGS-to Capture my winds of Creativity + Display me for All
BUT-I  know I have a few Fried Circuits, Scars Everyone Can See
STILL-I Should Never have to Escape to Enjoy My Own Freaking Life
I- am 15 Not 5 so I Should Be Done With All that ‘Let Them Get To Ya’ Crap
CAN-be Stronger than Before... just need to give myself some Time
FLY-I say to all my Insecurities
                 …….BUT STILL I CAN FLY!!

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