I was raised

October 3, 2017
By MichaelR BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
MichaelR BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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 I Was Raised

I was raised in Detroit
I was raised on the eastside
I was raised to be respectful
I was raised to play sports
I was raised in April
I was raised after my sister
I was raised to never be scared
I was raised to do my best
I was raised to never give up
I was raised with forgiveness
I was raised with positive people
I was raised with negative people
I was raised with loyalty
I was raised in church
I was raised to hustle
I was raised be a gentleman
I was raised with manners
I was raised to chase my dreams


     Don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams
Don’t be afraid to live your life to the fullest
Don’t be afraid to try
Don’t be afraid to do your best
Don’t be afraid to speak you mind
Don’t be afraid to have fun
Don’t be afraid to move on to better things
Don’t be afraid to do anything you want
Don’t be afraid to explore
Don’t be afraid to help somebody
Don’t be afraid about what other people think
Don’t be afraid to be yourself
Don’t be afraid to go to college
Don’t be afraid of anybody
Don’t be afraid make mistakes
Don’t be afraid to hustle

The author's comments:

I used repetition for my poems; I used that because it was the easiest for me. I don’t usually do poems so it helped me out a lot. Also it seemed like it was easier for me to keep my poems in order.  I like repetition the most because the other writer devices don’t really match my style of writing.  Repetition best describes how I like my poems and how I talk when describing things.
The strategy I used was litany, I used litany because that’s the only strategy I know and how to use it correctly. Mainly because I repeated a phrase and that was I was raised.  I like litany because it made my poem a lot easier to do than trying to use something else. Litany actually helped me do my repetition poems because it went right along with what I was trying to write about.
I honestly don’t see myself being a poet because I don’t really like doing poems and I really don’t know how to do poems I just try my best and hope for the best.  I don’t really know about poems and its not in my interest to do poems or as one of my hobbies.  Poems just aren’t my style; I don’t see myself doing another poem unless I have to do another one.

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