A Letter to Me

October 3, 2017
By ilovetea BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
ilovetea BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
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Hey, is this the obnoxious 10 year old me? I wanted to give you a lil advice. Pay attention to what I tell you, oh by the way i’m you in highschool, crazy, right? Anyways, don’t put your “friend’s” happiness over your own, and don’t rely on them. I don’t know if there’s much advice to give you, I kind of want you to continue being the stubborn-brat you are. Well, maybe make more friends, actually, don’t people are too much drama. Learn from your mistakes, reach for the big bright-blue sky, that was kind of cheesy, I know you don’t like that type of advice. Don’t rush into situations when you get older, savour the time you have to yourself. Learn to stop carrying everyone’s weight on your shoulders. Don’t blame yourself for your parents divorce, maybe let go of that growing ego you have. Be prideful but don’t have too much pride. Don’t be so negative all the time, but then again I don’t blame you. Oh, by the way Donald Trump is “running” the country, have fun digesting that. The world won’t treat you well, and i’m sure you already know this since your nickname was always “Ms. Know-it-all.” Just know that you’ll go through a lot throughout the years. Make a point to just be yourself, you must’ve heard this a lot, but it’s true. Don’t change yourself to suit other people’s needs. Also, quit contradicting yourself, apparently we do this a lot but I guess it’s cause we have bad memory. Also work on your writing and organizing your thoughts because, our mind is everywhere. I guess this is all for my strange, unorganized letter to you, take what I said into consideration as you move out of your elementary, no homework days, oh also get a good amount of sleep and drink a lot of water, you’ll love it.

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